Here at University Hospitals of Leicester we value our trust grade doctors and take your development and growth very seriously. We have at least 250 non training grade doctors in the trust and work hard to provide thorough inductions, educational resources and communications for all of them. Please browse each of the tabs below.


When you start work here with us you will have an induction to Leicester’s Hospitals and the department you will be working in. We know that many of our LEDs are also new to the NHS and UK therefore if this is your first post you will have a 2 week supernumerary period where you will shadow colleagues, learn relevant guidelines and familiarise yourself with the department before commencing in your formal role.

The junior doctor administrator team in your department will be a key source of support and information for you.  We have an “induction” guide available for you to help you navigate your way  smoothly in your new job.

New to the NHS and UK (International Medical Graduates)

Moving to a new country can be challenging as well as exciting. To help with the transition, we recommend the following

Sign up to the GMC Welcome to the UK course. This is held via Microsoft Teams regularly and is a good opportunity to familiarise yourself with working in the UK NHS as well as a chance to meet and network with other doctors from abroad. The link is

Register with a GP for any health care needs

Consider joining a medical defence organisation,

Build up your social network. We have a locally employed doctor Whatsapp group. To join this, email with your name and phone number. We advertise teaching events available to you on this group.

Consider joining the “doctors mess” for £10 per month you will have access to social events, an area to rest and relax in each hospital.

More information can be found in the useful resources page.


E portfolio access and Learning opportunities

UHL supports all of our locally employed doctors with a Horus ePortfolio. We appreciate that whilst the Horus ePortfolio provides a space to record educational activities, some doctors may wish to purchase access to the ePortfolio relevant to their specialty and grade. If you wish to access the Horus ePortfolio please email Julie Jackson, Education Administrator, with the name of your supervising consultant and which department you are working in.

At the start of each post we recommend planning your personal development plan and setting yourself goals to work towards which you can record on your e portfolio for example undertaking an exam, holding a teaching session. Try and use the SMART template method of goal setting . they should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time bound.

The e learning for health care e-LfH (please link to e learning website Home – e-Learning for Healthcare by clicking on e-LfH) website offers hundreds of free e learning modules we recommend setting up an account and you can complete these at a pace and time to suit you.

We host live streamed monthly evening medical updates at the Leicester Royal Infirmary lecture theatre You will need register beforehand to obtain CPD points and a certificate.

Induction resources

Video learning on Appraisal and Revalidation